Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yesterday, I spent my whole afternoon in a coffee shop. I had my laptop with me so I started checking my friends through yahoo messenger. For a very long time I wasn’t able to talk to my good friend and mentor as our time won’t allow us. He’s from Arizona and his time is approximately 12 hour late from our time. Fortunately, I saw him online yesterday so I never wasted the chance to ask him how he’s doing.

Guess that wasn’t a good question to ask by that time as he is really very sad because they found out that his wife has a bad heart. And he just lost her best friend and mother because of stern sickness as well. I felt bad because I know it would be very hard for him to remain strong for his wife and his two kids. I can’t do anything to make things better so I just offered a prayer for his wife and family.

This conversation reminded me to take good care of myself and to value each moment I have with my loved ones as we won’t really know when they are going to leave us or the other way around.

It would be best to live a healthy lifestyle, be happy, exercise everyday, eat healthy and always pray for God’s grace and protection. Also, don’t waste any opportunity to show your love to all the people you care for in whatever way possible just to let them know how special and valued they are.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I know that most us wished to travel abroad at the lowest possible budget. Well, good news to those who have stretched budget like us! Cebu Pacific is offering the lowest fare for international flights almost every month. Okay, suppose you already had your plane ticket and your only concern is your pocket money and your accommodation. There are lots of things that you can do to get everything you want for a travel. You can find ways to lower down your transportation expenses to get a good accommodation, you can also try to lower down your accommodation expenses to buy everything you need within the travel period and you can also lower down the cost of your food to buy souvenir items. It all depends on how you manage your expenses.

In our case, if you have read my previous blog I was able to visit several places in Singapore with a very tight budget but I was able to get what I want to have and experience while I’m in the Lion City. You might get some idea from what we did just to… you know… “have it all” J First, we were very patient in waiting for Cebu Pacific promos, luckily we were able to booked our flight for only 4,100PHP. Amazing? Certainly! We don’t take a cab for our daily transport instead; we walk or ride a public bus as it would only cost us 1-1.80SGD. Also, don’t forget to bring your Map because if you will get lost you’ll surely double your expenses. It is also important to always bring your passport anywhere you go.

Second, we searched for hotels that would suit our budget. We found Cameron Hotel and we only spent 189SGD for 2 rooms per night. But if you would like to lower down your accommodation cost a bit more, you can look for Backpackers Inn as you can really save a lot!

Third, you can plan for your great and not so great mealJ In our case, we would plan as to where are we going to eat and how much are we going to spend for a single meal. You can eat at a fast food chain for breakfast, Lunch at an average restaurant and Dinner at some known hotels for experience sake J

Lastly, if you’re planning to buy some souvenir items, don’t forget to visit Bugis Junction (It’s like Aldevinco in Davao) because that is the place where you can buy things that are much cheaper compared to those that are displayed in shopping malls. Prices would range from 10 SGD to 150SGD and above.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who would have thought that somebody would dare create one entire city on top of the mountains? I’m not just talking about an average city. I’m talking about a very sophisticated, organized, luxurious and an incredibly entertaining city. Whew! I’m talking about Genting Highlands. It is the most amazing city I’ve ever seen in my entire life as I’ve never been out of our beloved country since birth J

Genting Highlands was positioned on top of the mountains in Malaysia, however going there is not difficult but in fact convenient. You can book your trip at KL Sentral as they have their booking office at the right side corner just after you enter on their huge main gateway. They will let you choose several packages that would suit your budget and purpose. In our case, we avail the package that comprises entrance fee, bus transfers and of course the long been desired cable car! From KL Sentral, you will be transported to Genting Bus station and for you to be able to reach Genting Highlands far way up into the mountains; you need to ride on cable cars for a span of 15 minutes.

I never researched about the place, so when I get there! Shoot! I was so amazed about how they were able to plant tall and huge commercial buildings and hotels, bars and entertainment showground on top of the mountains. Yes, you got it right… you can have all you need within that one unique city. Genting Highlands is perfect for couples, families and even group outings as they have nice hotels, movie houses, rides, casino, theme parks, boutiques and restaurants. Inside the showground you would find several landmarks all over the world like Eiffel Tower, Reply’s believe it or not Studio, Statue of Liberty and a whole lot more! They also have magicians and other theatrical artist performing almost every hour. And here’s more! Genting Higlands has a unique temperature; it has a cold breeze while the sun is up and simmering J

If you’re planning to visit Malaysia, don’t just ignore Genting Highlands because you can really expect of total fun and excitement at a very affordable rates. Good value for your money is guaranteed!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pleasing. Fulfilling. Spine-tingling. Heart warming. These adjectives fully described the emotions that I felt when I woke up one September morning. It happened because almost half of my life I wished to travel abroad. I wanted to see different faces and races. I wanted to experience being with different types of people in different walks of life. I wanted to be exposed with different types of culture and I want to understand and communicate with them.

Here comes September 25, 2008. On this day, I took my first ever International Flight. We were scheduled to take connecting flight from Ninoy Aquino International Airport going to Singapore Airport. So from Davao we flew via Cebu Pacific going to NAIA. It was really tiring because I just arrived in Davao a day before we dashed to Singapore but I never had a single wear out muscle. Excitement filled my spirit.

I traveled together with my Sister and her friends, though I’m just a snag I had a blast with them. We arrived at Singapore airport around 12 midnight, it rained but it never gloomed my day I figured, not even one of us was concerned about the weather. We took a cab going to Cameron Hotel for a night breather. We woke up at around 7am to take our free breakfast; we are the only guests by that time so we ended up terminating the bread, the butter and the egg J

We didn’t waste a single minute; after we had our breakfast we go directly to our friend’s house in Changi. Our friend became our instant tour guide. We went to several malls and vendors that sell different Singaporean and Malaysian products. We just stroll for an hour or two then we already took our lunch to get ready for our trip to Malaysia as we also need to catch the day off of our friend that is working there.

We traveled to Malaysia via public bus and we arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 11PM. Though we just slinked a day from our Singapore trip we really had fun especially when we visited the soaring Petronas Twin Towers, Sparkling Menara KL, and Genting Highlands. These three destinations are superb! Next to it are KLCC, Kota Raya and Jalan Petaling - the best place to visit if you planned to buy souvenirs for your family and friends. Beautiful as it was, we need to leave Malaysia to explore Singapore.

It was already 5am of September 27th when we finally reached Singapore again. We go directly to Singapore Botanical Garden to relax a bit with the nature. We went back to our hotel to freshen up then we went to Bugis Junction right after. From there, we shop for some souvenir items then we went straight to Suntec City and Marina Square. Luckily, we arrived just in time because that was the time when the World’s 1st Formula One Night Race was plat formed. We just took a souvenir pictures and sneaked peek on the event then went on to visit Clarke Quay real quick. The next day, we spent whole morning and afternoon in Sentosa Island – a place where I certainly would want to spend a week as it was totally fascinating, soothing, sophisticated and gorgeous! Wanna know the details of the places I visited? Read on my succeeding blogs.....