Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yesterday, I spent my whole afternoon in a coffee shop. I had my laptop with me so I started checking my friends through yahoo messenger. For a very long time I wasn’t able to talk to my good friend and mentor as our time won’t allow us. He’s from Arizona and his time is approximately 12 hour late from our time. Fortunately, I saw him online yesterday so I never wasted the chance to ask him how he’s doing.

Guess that wasn’t a good question to ask by that time as he is really very sad because they found out that his wife has a bad heart. And he just lost her best friend and mother because of stern sickness as well. I felt bad because I know it would be very hard for him to remain strong for his wife and his two kids. I can’t do anything to make things better so I just offered a prayer for his wife and family.

This conversation reminded me to take good care of myself and to value each moment I have with my loved ones as we won’t really know when they are going to leave us or the other way around.

It would be best to live a healthy lifestyle, be happy, exercise everyday, eat healthy and always pray for God’s grace and protection. Also, don’t waste any opportunity to show your love to all the people you care for in whatever way possible just to let them know how special and valued they are.