Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The world is full of fears about the dreadful illness caused by AH1N1 flu virus. Everyday, we hear news about how many people were killed and how it can possibly hit us. No wonder everybody is paranoid about this fierce virus.

Most of the questions being raised are “How we can prevent the virus from spreading and eventually strike us?” and “Is it really infectious?” These are all valid questions. So let’s try to discuss the answers to each question.

How we can prevent the virus from spreading?

  1. Always cover your mouth and nose every time you sneeze.
  2. Apply alcohol-based hand sanitizer when needed.
  3. As much as possible avoid touching your ears, mouth and nose.
  4. Stay away from people who are sick as they might be a carrier of AH1N1 virus.
  5. If you are sick, stay at home for at least seven days until proven you are symptoms free.

Is it contagious? What are the signs and symptoms of AH1N1 virus?

The signs and symptoms of AH1N1 virus are very similar to ordinary flu that strikes us. There is fever, runny nose, cough, chills, headache, sore throat and fatigue. And like ordinary flu, it spreads from one person to the other through sneeze, cough and even touching.

It has been guaranteed by many doctors that there’s a known cure for this much dreaded disease, but of course prevention is much better than cure. There’s nothing to lose if we will do all these pandemic preparation, but instead we gain so much out of it as we save not just our own life but others’ lives as well.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find job that can pay all your bills and loans. This makes us think of some possible options to earn more. Apparently, this is what happens to me. Hahaha! I need extra income to cover up my credit card bills, loans and many others.

I researched for some answers to my problem and I found one very helpful way to get rid of those money owing. The online home business opportunity!

But don’t rush. Don’t resign just yet. Try to check home based online jobs that would fit your needs and interest. Also, check the legitimacy and stability of the opportunity in order not to waste your time, effort and money.

Prepare yourself with enough information and if possible get some training materials because like any other jobs, home based jobs also require the same standards the customary job demands.

As soon as you established those things, check what you can get out of it and what is expected of you. You need to know the mode of payment as well and its regularity. Also, be very clear about everything before you start working to avoid bigger trouble!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Part I

I can’t get enough of my summer fun activities so I went to Samal Island to experience the unique Tarpaulin Slide at Aqua-fun Adventure Maxima. Indeed! I had maximum level of fun with their aqua-fun activities!

First, we tried the 40 meters long, 1 meter wide tarpaulin slide. There are 3 people who assisted us. One guy helped us wear our life vest, the other one is giving out instructions and the other guy is waiting for us around 2 meters below the edge of the tarpaulin slide. He is the one that signals the lead guide to let the second glider to slide as soon as the first one reached the port steps.

When sliding, you need to keep your hand crossed on your chest to prevent you from constantly changing your gliding position. Also, you need to keep your feet together so that you’ll get the perfect splash and won’t hurt yourself. You can perform different dives though soon as you get used to it.

You need to take a shower first before sliding for you not to create friction with the tarpaulin. Wait until the tarpaulin gets wet and never slide without the signal from the lead guide to avoid accident.

The edge of the giant slide is 5ft above sea water if it is high tide, but it could reach up to 12ft if it’s low tide so it is more challenging. If you want to try dropping with longer extent then you might as well go there around 4pm. The sea water is 120ft deep but there’s nothing to fret because your life vest will help you float up in less than 5 seconds. Exciting? Experience it yourself and post your comments here :)

Part II

After we satisfy our itch for tarpaulin slide adventure, we rented sets of snorkeling gadget. The area where the giant slide was mounted is also a good area for snorkeling because they don’t allow fishing that can destroy the corals and fishes on that area.

There are bunch of beautiful hard corals with different shapes and sizes and the fishes are plenty too! So don’t miss the snorkeling activity at Aqua Fun Adventure Maxima! It’s worth trying…

Part III

After the snorkeling activity we went straight to Maxima – The home above the sea. It is owned by the Dizon family and out of their kindness they share one of their most valued properties to the public. It is their objective to share the same feeling of serenity, pleasure, and fun that they experienced every time they spend a holiday at maxima.

Maxima cottage has 3 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 10 persons. There are several activities that you can enjoy at maxima at the price you can absolutely afford! You can use the supplied life vest to go snorkeling and witness the beauty of the fish sanctuary right below Maxima Cottage.

You can also cook your own food as they intentionally set a kitchen so that you can decide the best meal for your family, friends or loved ones. What’s so amazing is that you can also use the cottage speedboat and get entertained at Maxima billiard hall!

The first time I heard about Zip city is from my friend but I saw the real video when I watched the program Sports Unlimited. I was thrilled.

Of course I just don’t let the excitement fade away without even trying it. So there you go… We went to Hill Top Davao where the famous Zip City can be found. It’s just around hundred meters away from Dencio’s Restaurant so it’s really simple to locate even if it’s your first time to go there. It’s fairly accessible!

When we get to their reception area, they collect 200Php from us for the zip then they help us wear our safety harness and helmet. They will let you choose if you will zip alone or go with a partner. We decided to embrace the challenge single-handedly. So I climb up to their spiral stairs and bear the fear and excitement myself while I’m on my way to get on to their zip panel.

The edge stander is waiting for me. He clipped a secure hook in my body harness and checked all the details of my safety gear to ensure that I will land on their unloading panel and not on the ground which is 120ft. under. Hahaha!

They set my expectation that I will only glide for approximately 35sec. and traverse through zip cable which is 320 meters long. So I gather all my strengths and jump from the edge of the panel at the count of three and woooohhhhhooooooooooo!!!! It feels like heaven!

It’s different from my first zip above water experience because the panorama is the entire Davao City. Though it’s more risky, it’s really worth trying because the flying sensation over trees and cliff is truly magnificent!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I’m in a vacation mode right now. I’m quite sure most of the working people can relate to this feeling. You know the feeling of wanting to spend more time at home or somewhere else where you can relax and enjoy and forget about the pressures at work.

Cruise ship vacation! This sounds so fascinating to me. Seems like I can do two things at a time and that is to relax while enjoying different places in one exciting trip. Well, there are lots of cruise packages like romantic cruise, destination oriented cruise, family friendly cruise and some is designed for ocean adventure cruise only (Minus the adventure of being captured by Pirates hahaha!)

Having this thought, I tried to research some of the important things that we need to do, bring or the things that we can expect for a cruise ship vacation. One important thing to acquire first is a passport as it’s practically needed for any international travel or international cruise travel for this matter. The next thing that you might want to consider is the amount of money that you can spend for this vacation. The usual package would include passage, sleeping arrangement and meals. Apart from these things everything else should be purchased by you.

I found out that there are also cruises that would let the passengers control their schedules. This is far different to the usual set up where the travel guide will be the one to control meal schedules, events and destinations. If these things concerned you, then you may need to ask first your travel agent about how they run the entire travel.

Of course we don’t want to disregard our outfit. You might want to ask your travel agent about the activities while sailing, the destinations and the climate just so you can pack the right attire for the whole duration of travel. Also, don’t forget to bring your cameras to capture superb moments. Whew! I guess I would try cruise ship vacation within this year :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

It’s not really easy to decide as to what brand of blu-ray disc player you can purchase that would give you excellent performance. At this time, there are numbers of blu-ray technologies that comes out in the open.

With all those blu-ray technologies, there is one product that stands out from the other and that is the Panasonic’s DMP- BD30 blu-ray disc player. Amazingly, this device really made a leap from other devices with a price just right for its quality and capability. This one’s a new kind of optical disc format with larger gigabytes that reached 50 GB capacity on dual-layer disc which can handle HD movies and can also store several videos and video computer games.

The DMP-BD30 can provide excellent HD entertainment experience even if you are just at home as you can just easily connect and play with this thingy on other devices such as plasma Televisions, receivers or any other blu-ray disc players. Not only is that, blu-ray is also known for its superb picture quality.

Another amazing fact about Panasonic DMP-BD30 Blu-Ray Disc Player is that it has the ability to receive additional flash memory and it can read MP3’s and videos that are in JPEG or AVCHD format. It also goes in a chic and slim design that fits almost anywhere.

The overall impact of this device really reached the benchmark of blu-ray technology that would suit the needs of an average movie viewer or a movie buff as you might say.

Friday, February 13, 2009

One of the mot difficult things to decide on Valentine’s Day is the Valentine Present. Most men thought that what’s “in” would be the best gift that they could give to their sweetie. Well, surprise! What most women really want is for them to feel very important, pampered and loved. Women love to brag to their friends as to how their guys made them feel so special during Heart’s Day.

Listen guys, these are the tips that I could give you. I will talk about girls in general okay? If you do know what your girl really like then that’s great! But if you don’t, you might wanna consider this. We love it when we feel we are taken cared of, thus a romantic dinner with a bonus effort will be much appreciated. Dancing together would be a plus too especially when we know you can’t dance but you really exerted effort just to dance for us!

Also, daily chores are such a stress and if you could make the world revolved just for you and your baby that is more than a bang! What am I trying to say here? There are many places that you visit everyday, why not pick the most romantic and suitable place that none of you ever visited. One that is not crowded to make it more personal, then you can surprise her with flowers or a good choice of jewelry as most women oh-so-love jewelry (Need not to be expensive, but if you are pretty serious about your relationship with her a valuable one would be momentous). Make her feel that she’s the only person that exists on that day and the only person that you want to be with. It should be her and her alone.

Try this and I’m sure she’ll never forget that day that you make her feel extremely special! Want to have more of the best Valentine Gift ideas? Read on…

Valentines is the only noted date of the year that you can prove to him/her that you are deeply and madly in love with each other. So why waste this opportunity? Make it more personal so that it would last forever. All right, I know it would take so much effort and creativity but believe me the entire effect will pay the price.

Take this suggestions if you so desire. I have spotted several personalized gifts that you could possibly hand to your sweetie. You can try scanning your favorite picture together with your honey and have it engraved on chocolates placed inside a beautiful wooden box where your picture will be imprinted on its cover. Your girl can then use the box for her jewelry after both of you has eaten the chocolates inside.

The key chain era is now gone, make use of her jewelry box that you yourself have given her. Buy a necklace and engrave your name and her name with a short message of love on it or you can also buy a couple’s ring especially designed for both of you.

Of course you can never let her go home without flowers! One long stemmed rose would be a perfect match for your personalized gift. Take note that flowers are the official partner of whatever present you have for your sweet lass on Valentine’s Day.

Another excellent idea would be expressing your love through great tasting food. They say one way of winning a man’s heart is by satisfying his stomach. So why not cook the best dish that is easy to prepare to avoid converting the time for loving into plain cooking. Be the sweetest, loveliest and the most efficient girl he will ever meet. What else can he ask from you? Your lifetime commitment that is…

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did you know my name?

Do you have the slightest idea that someone like me exist?

Did you ever think that someone somewhere is always thinking of you?

Do you have any idea how many times in a day that I’m missing you?

Will you believe me if I will tell you I’ve been waiting for you since I got my senses?

Will you look for me when God will whisper my name and engrave it in your heart?

Will you believe me if I will tell you I’ve spent so many nights and days praying for you?

Will you spend each night and day with me the moment you will finally find me?

I gotta hurry because you’re probably waiting…

I should move faster, I’m on foot now…

I should pay attention as I may get ahead of you…

I should meet you before others…

Silence. Haze. Angst

Do you hear me? Do you see me?

You’re not there on the brink…

I need to bite the bullet…

You are just patches of images…

You’re not real…

You’re just my stunning success…

I’m all alone… Alone.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stary, Stary night… Sounds familiar? Well, I’m not referring to the famous song “Vincent”. I’m relating the reflection of the bats’ eyes that bounce back from the lights of our head lamps.

Grab the chance to witness it yourself! Let us take you to the colony of millions of huge bats where you will be able to spot the Largest Fruit Bats in the World known as Rousettus amplexicaudatus. We will let you visit 3 caves that becomes the house of approximately 1.8 million bats. Visit our website @

This number of bats is expected to multiply due to several disturbances and hunting made by humans that drive these bats away from different regions and would find refuge inside the sheltered MonfortCave.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yesterday was our Team Building. We never expected things to be that fun as a day before the event, a lot of my teammates decided not to go. Apparently, it turned out to be the opposite of what is suppose to happen. Most of us joined with some bonus friends.

We sailed to Samal Island around 5pm and as we reached Babak, Me, two of my friends, and a snug (which happen to be my sister J ) dispersed from the team as we need to go to Monfort Bat Cave to take some pictures for our website. More stories about Monfort Bat Cave @

The experience was superb! It’s a combination of intense fear and excitement. Well, I have no choice but to be brave enough to strike a curious pose at the grand entrance of the Cave where thousands of bats’ eyes are looking back at me the moment I hit the light of my head lamp on them.

After visiting our nocturnal friends, we went directly to Caliclic Beach Resort where we held our team building. We had fun from dusk ‘til dawn. We played, we talked, we took pictures, we go for a dip, we ate, we laughed, we danced and we relaxed. I can’t tell the whole details as I would end up making a short novel. So, just take a look at the pictures below as pictures indeed speaks louder than word. Discover more of my adventures on my next blog. Happy reading!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Team Bucaneers!!!!

Pointing at I dunno Where :)

One Goal. One Team!

Taking Pleasure while it Last!!!