Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yesterday was our Team Building. We never expected things to be that fun as a day before the event, a lot of my teammates decided not to go. Apparently, it turned out to be the opposite of what is suppose to happen. Most of us joined with some bonus friends.

We sailed to Samal Island around 5pm and as we reached Babak, Me, two of my friends, and a snug (which happen to be my sister J ) dispersed from the team as we need to go to Monfort Bat Cave to take some pictures for our website. More stories about Monfort Bat Cave @

The experience was superb! It’s a combination of intense fear and excitement. Well, I have no choice but to be brave enough to strike a curious pose at the grand entrance of the Cave where thousands of bats’ eyes are looking back at me the moment I hit the light of my head lamp on them.

After visiting our nocturnal friends, we went directly to Caliclic Beach Resort where we held our team building. We had fun from dusk ‘til dawn. We played, we talked, we took pictures, we go for a dip, we ate, we laughed, we danced and we relaxed. I can’t tell the whole details as I would end up making a short novel. So, just take a look at the pictures below as pictures indeed speaks louder than word. Discover more of my adventures on my next blog. Happy reading!