Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pleasing. Fulfilling. Spine-tingling. Heart warming. These adjectives fully described the emotions that I felt when I woke up one September morning. It happened because almost half of my life I wished to travel abroad. I wanted to see different faces and races. I wanted to experience being with different types of people in different walks of life. I wanted to be exposed with different types of culture and I want to understand and communicate with them.

Here comes September 25, 2008. On this day, I took my first ever International Flight. We were scheduled to take connecting flight from Ninoy Aquino International Airport going to Singapore Airport. So from Davao we flew via Cebu Pacific going to NAIA. It was really tiring because I just arrived in Davao a day before we dashed to Singapore but I never had a single wear out muscle. Excitement filled my spirit.

I traveled together with my Sister and her friends, though I’m just a snag I had a blast with them. We arrived at Singapore airport around 12 midnight, it rained but it never gloomed my day I figured, not even one of us was concerned about the weather. We took a cab going to Cameron Hotel for a night breather. We woke up at around 7am to take our free breakfast; we are the only guests by that time so we ended up terminating the bread, the butter and the egg J

We didn’t waste a single minute; after we had our breakfast we go directly to our friend’s house in Changi. Our friend became our instant tour guide. We went to several malls and vendors that sell different Singaporean and Malaysian products. We just stroll for an hour or two then we already took our lunch to get ready for our trip to Malaysia as we also need to catch the day off of our friend that is working there.

We traveled to Malaysia via public bus and we arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 11PM. Though we just slinked a day from our Singapore trip we really had fun especially when we visited the soaring Petronas Twin Towers, Sparkling Menara KL, and Genting Highlands. These three destinations are superb! Next to it are KLCC, Kota Raya and Jalan Petaling - the best place to visit if you planned to buy souvenirs for your family and friends. Beautiful as it was, we need to leave Malaysia to explore Singapore.

It was already 5am of September 27th when we finally reached Singapore again. We go directly to Singapore Botanical Garden to relax a bit with the nature. We went back to our hotel to freshen up then we went to Bugis Junction right after. From there, we shop for some souvenir items then we went straight to Suntec City and Marina Square. Luckily, we arrived just in time because that was the time when the World’s 1st Formula One Night Race was plat formed. We just took a souvenir pictures and sneaked peek on the event then went on to visit Clarke Quay real quick. The next day, we spent whole morning and afternoon in Sentosa Island – a place where I certainly would want to spend a week as it was totally fascinating, soothing, sophisticated and gorgeous! Wanna know the details of the places I visited? Read on my succeeding blogs.....