Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who would have thought that somebody would dare create one entire city on top of the mountains? I’m not just talking about an average city. I’m talking about a very sophisticated, organized, luxurious and an incredibly entertaining city. Whew! I’m talking about Genting Highlands. It is the most amazing city I’ve ever seen in my entire life as I’ve never been out of our beloved country since birth J

Genting Highlands was positioned on top of the mountains in Malaysia, however going there is not difficult but in fact convenient. You can book your trip at KL Sentral as they have their booking office at the right side corner just after you enter on their huge main gateway. They will let you choose several packages that would suit your budget and purpose. In our case, we avail the package that comprises entrance fee, bus transfers and of course the long been desired cable car! From KL Sentral, you will be transported to Genting Bus station and for you to be able to reach Genting Highlands far way up into the mountains; you need to ride on cable cars for a span of 15 minutes.

I never researched about the place, so when I get there! Shoot! I was so amazed about how they were able to plant tall and huge commercial buildings and hotels, bars and entertainment showground on top of the mountains. Yes, you got it right… you can have all you need within that one unique city. Genting Highlands is perfect for couples, families and even group outings as they have nice hotels, movie houses, rides, casino, theme parks, boutiques and restaurants. Inside the showground you would find several landmarks all over the world like Eiffel Tower, Reply’s believe it or not Studio, Statue of Liberty and a whole lot more! They also have magicians and other theatrical artist performing almost every hour. And here’s more! Genting Higlands has a unique temperature; it has a cold breeze while the sun is up and simmering J

If you’re planning to visit Malaysia, don’t just ignore Genting Highlands because you can really expect of total fun and excitement at a very affordable rates. Good value for your money is guaranteed!