Friday, October 3, 2008

I know that most us wished to travel abroad at the lowest possible budget. Well, good news to those who have stretched budget like us! Cebu Pacific is offering the lowest fare for international flights almost every month. Okay, suppose you already had your plane ticket and your only concern is your pocket money and your accommodation. There are lots of things that you can do to get everything you want for a travel. You can find ways to lower down your transportation expenses to get a good accommodation, you can also try to lower down your accommodation expenses to buy everything you need within the travel period and you can also lower down the cost of your food to buy souvenir items. It all depends on how you manage your expenses.

In our case, if you have read my previous blog I was able to visit several places in Singapore with a very tight budget but I was able to get what I want to have and experience while I’m in the Lion City. You might get some idea from what we did just to… you know… “have it all” J First, we were very patient in waiting for Cebu Pacific promos, luckily we were able to booked our flight for only 4,100PHP. Amazing? Certainly! We don’t take a cab for our daily transport instead; we walk or ride a public bus as it would only cost us 1-1.80SGD. Also, don’t forget to bring your Map because if you will get lost you’ll surely double your expenses. It is also important to always bring your passport anywhere you go.

Second, we searched for hotels that would suit our budget. We found Cameron Hotel and we only spent 189SGD for 2 rooms per night. But if you would like to lower down your accommodation cost a bit more, you can look for Backpackers Inn as you can really save a lot!

Third, you can plan for your great and not so great mealJ In our case, we would plan as to where are we going to eat and how much are we going to spend for a single meal. You can eat at a fast food chain for breakfast, Lunch at an average restaurant and Dinner at some known hotels for experience sake J

Lastly, if you’re planning to buy some souvenir items, don’t forget to visit Bugis Junction (It’s like Aldevinco in Davao) because that is the place where you can buy things that are much cheaper compared to those that are displayed in shopping malls. Prices would range from 10 SGD to 150SGD and above.