Monday, March 16, 2009

I’m in a vacation mode right now. I’m quite sure most of the working people can relate to this feeling. You know the feeling of wanting to spend more time at home or somewhere else where you can relax and enjoy and forget about the pressures at work.

Cruise ship vacation! This sounds so fascinating to me. Seems like I can do two things at a time and that is to relax while enjoying different places in one exciting trip. Well, there are lots of cruise packages like romantic cruise, destination oriented cruise, family friendly cruise and some is designed for ocean adventure cruise only (Minus the adventure of being captured by Pirates hahaha!)

Having this thought, I tried to research some of the important things that we need to do, bring or the things that we can expect for a cruise ship vacation. One important thing to acquire first is a passport as it’s practically needed for any international travel or international cruise travel for this matter. The next thing that you might want to consider is the amount of money that you can spend for this vacation. The usual package would include passage, sleeping arrangement and meals. Apart from these things everything else should be purchased by you.

I found out that there are also cruises that would let the passengers control their schedules. This is far different to the usual set up where the travel guide will be the one to control meal schedules, events and destinations. If these things concerned you, then you may need to ask first your travel agent about how they run the entire travel.

Of course we don’t want to disregard our outfit. You might want to ask your travel agent about the activities while sailing, the destinations and the climate just so you can pack the right attire for the whole duration of travel. Also, don’t forget to bring your cameras to capture superb moments. Whew! I guess I would try cruise ship vacation within this year :)