Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Part I

I can’t get enough of my summer fun activities so I went to Samal Island to experience the unique Tarpaulin Slide at Aqua-fun Adventure Maxima. Indeed! I had maximum level of fun with their aqua-fun activities!

First, we tried the 40 meters long, 1 meter wide tarpaulin slide. There are 3 people who assisted us. One guy helped us wear our life vest, the other one is giving out instructions and the other guy is waiting for us around 2 meters below the edge of the tarpaulin slide. He is the one that signals the lead guide to let the second glider to slide as soon as the first one reached the port steps.

When sliding, you need to keep your hand crossed on your chest to prevent you from constantly changing your gliding position. Also, you need to keep your feet together so that you’ll get the perfect splash and won’t hurt yourself. You can perform different dives though soon as you get used to it.

You need to take a shower first before sliding for you not to create friction with the tarpaulin. Wait until the tarpaulin gets wet and never slide without the signal from the lead guide to avoid accident.

The edge of the giant slide is 5ft above sea water if it is high tide, but it could reach up to 12ft if it’s low tide so it is more challenging. If you want to try dropping with longer extent then you might as well go there around 4pm. The sea water is 120ft deep but there’s nothing to fret because your life vest will help you float up in less than 5 seconds. Exciting? Experience it yourself and post your comments here :)

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    hi, i'm planning to go to maxima. how do i get there?

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