Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The first time I heard about Zip city is from my friend but I saw the real video when I watched the program Sports Unlimited. I was thrilled.

Of course I just don’t let the excitement fade away without even trying it. So there you go… We went to Hill Top Davao where the famous Zip City can be found. It’s just around hundred meters away from Dencio’s Restaurant so it’s really simple to locate even if it’s your first time to go there. It’s fairly accessible!

When we get to their reception area, they collect 200Php from us for the zip then they help us wear our safety harness and helmet. They will let you choose if you will zip alone or go with a partner. We decided to embrace the challenge single-handedly. So I climb up to their spiral stairs and bear the fear and excitement myself while I’m on my way to get on to their zip panel.

The edge stander is waiting for me. He clipped a secure hook in my body harness and checked all the details of my safety gear to ensure that I will land on their unloading panel and not on the ground which is 120ft. under. Hahaha!

They set my expectation that I will only glide for approximately 35sec. and traverse through zip cable which is 320 meters long. So I gather all my strengths and jump from the edge of the panel at the count of three and woooohhhhhooooooooooo!!!! It feels like heaven!

It’s different from my first zip above water experience because the panorama is the entire Davao City. Though it’s more risky, it’s really worth trying because the flying sensation over trees and cliff is truly magnificent!

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  1. Auishtha said...
    Hello. :)
    I'm very interested in going to zip city but I am in dire need of directions :)

    Would you mind giving me some directions to go to zip city using public transit?

    You can ping me on my blog at :)

    Thank you so much!

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